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I Am Joshua

Joshua Muñoz is a martial artist (3rd Degree Black Belt in Kenpo), an entrepreneur (Co-Founder of Grow Now Digital), a conscious creator coach and above all, a seeker (One who walks the path of self-discovery). Joshua founded The Academy of Conscious Creation as a means for sharing the most influential and educational aspects of his life’s journey and to help guide those who are ready to consciously embark on the path of self-discovery. 

Karate laid the groundwork for Joshua’s life, and he continues to build upon its foundation today. Over the course of five years he has built an empire brimming with confidence, discipline, perseverance and leadership. As an instructor, he has taught hundreds of children, youth and adults, and now coaches others in a new dojo – Life’s Dojo.

Priding himself on always being a student and not just a teacher, Joshua makes a conscious effort to bring love, experience, humility, and compassion into everything he does. He understands the value and benefits of receiving help along the way and how he can make an impact with others.

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