Transform yourself and become a better man with The Gentle Men's Dojo

Our 12-week program is for men who are ready to take a deep dive and discover the root causes of their struggles with relationships, communication, and intimacy. 


We Begin September 16th, 2023

The Dojo  Will Help You...

Embrace Confidence and Authenticity

Cultivate Emotional Intelligence

Master the Art of Communication

Foster Lasting Relationships

Cultivate Inner Peace and Resilience

Enjoy a Safe and Supportive Environment


"A brotherhood that empowers the boy makes the man."

We want to usher in the leaders of the new world – men with integrity who can connect authentically.

Men who can emotionally support their partners and families. The dojo creates a community that is aligned with abundance and harmony.

The Dojo Has 4 Pillars...

The False Man

The first segment of this course is all about identifying the existing programs we are (most likely) dealing with. Sometimes we are aware of our programming, but maybe not with a deeper understanding. This is segment is all about taking an honest REVIEW of all the toxic programming we picked up since we were born, and being accountable and taking ownership over it. We cannot move forward until we accept. Whether some of this is familiar or foreign, we are leaving judgment at the door and getting curious about our shadow aspects to prepare ourselves to heal them.

Awakening The Inner Boy

Now that we have RE-learned our wounds in a deeper and more prophetic way, we can take this information to address our inner boy. In the second segment of the Dojo, we are going to be digging into our past, to awaken the boy who carried light, the one before he was hurt. But in order to access the boy prior to pain, we need to heal. This means we will be having uncomfortable conversations, difficult exercises, and challenging shares. When you empower the BOY it makes the MAN. A man who can look at his battle scars with wisdom and gratitude.

Communication & Divine Union

Once you RE-connect to your true self (the inner boy) You are ready to explore the ways in which you can be a more available and considerate partner. This is because divine union requires that we ourselves do the work, before we are even capable of being available to someone else. You cannot love someone properly, without love for yourself. In this segment we will be going over effective ways to understand how we communicate with others, and provide tools on how to improve it. We will also address physical intimacy and how we can expand our perspective on that.

Embodying The Gentle Man

In this final segment, its all about taking everything we learn and piecing it all together. Taking all of our exercises, our lessons, our break throughs, and asking ourselves truly: "What do I want to leave behind, and what do I want to take with me as I step into the shoes of a Gentle Man?" We will take the time to create the container each of us will need to support ourselves moving forward as we close out the dojo.

Hear What Dojo Members are saying...

The Gentle Men’s Dojo is really a one-of-a-kind community where us guys get together and learn the tools needed to heal from not only our past trauma but generational trauma; while also learning the appropriate skills to show as our most authentic self. It’s allowed me personally an opportunity to get to know myself and understand who I am at a higher level so far, it’s made me a calmer person, a softer person, and it’s taught me to look at things in ways I never have before. I’m definitely excited for the future of this program.
Chris K.
Dojo Bro
The dojo is a safe space that promotes introspection, reflection, and brings consciousness to the unconscious parts of ourselves. The curriculum prompts curiosity and Josh is a guide helping you embrace all emotions/triggers that arise without judgment. The stories that we all share are celebrated and are a path to better awareness. As a man, being vulnerable can be scary. Especially with other men, but not in the dojo.
Dojo Bro
As an entrepreneur my life is hectic. The gentleman’s dojo was something that I would normally not create the space to participate in; I’m so glad I did. It was much needed introspection and self love. The group provides a welcome place to talk about everything from work to home, family, relationships, the universe! etc. We talked about the good, and most importantly the bad. The bad, we are taught to suck it up, throw it under the rug, never speak about it. But diving into the bad gives new perspective and healing, creating opportunities to grow out of old paradigms that are no longer serving and holding you back. The dojo has changed me for the better, I would 100% do it all again. I highly recommend the dojo to literally everyone. There is no one I can think of that would not benefit from the deep conversations and exercises that Josh Muñoz guided us through. Osu 🙏
Joel R.
Dojo Bro

What you'll get:

Meet Your Instructor

Fellas, If you are reading this…In the deepest part of my heart, I pray that you find the courage to do the inner work. To realize how important you are to the world. My prayer for you is to discover the truth that your heart is the source of your strength in this world. Putting your heart on the line also reveals your power and vulnerability to lead through the divine masculine. You are enough just as you are. For the fellas who are called forward in the dojo to do healing and inner work. My sincere thanks to you for stepping up in this world to take care of yourself, your partner, your family, and anybody you come into contact with. It is you who has the ability to bring more love to this world. I appreciate you being here. The dojo greatly appreciates your presence. “OSU.


Most frequent questions and answers

The Dojo starts Sept. 16th 2023. Registration starts Aug. 19th.

The dojo is a group coaching weekly call for 12 consecutive weeks. 

We highly recommend being fully committed. The intention of this container is for you to clear your schedule and give yourself an hour an half to yourself. 

The dojo is where we have real, raw conversations and reflect on ourselves. There is no complex concepts or terms that are “woo woo” that end up making you feel more confused. The dojos straight forward simple approach is what allows for lasting change.

There are strictly no refunds under any circumstances for this program.

Only 6 men will be chosen for the container.

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