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Key Notes

Painting your reality with an “Abstract” Vision Board

What if I told you that manifesting isn’t simply visualizing what you want? What if I said that it’s actually limiting what you are calling into your life?

In this keynote, Josh will explain the power of creating conceptually to expand your reach and create abundance in multiple directions, not just one.

Becoming a Conscious Creator 

Take charge of your life by learning how to bring awareness to various patterns and conditioning that may be holding you back. This keynote will provide the tools you need to hold the pen in your own hands and start writing the story of your life without outside influence.

Gratitude: The Gateway to Happiness

As humans, we always wonder where true happiness comes from, and Josh believes the secret is gratitude! In this keynote, he will cover how to embody the spirit of gratitude and how to create a plan to implement it in your life, so you can maintain it long enough for it to become your natural disposition.

Why “YOU” are in your own way

Together we will uncover how to break through our biggest fears & doubts by better understanding the imprisoning nature of our minds. In this keynote, We’ll breakdown the power of divine ‘misfortunes’ and how to remove limiting beliefs.


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